Ea Shocks The Recording Game Industry

The sport company noted for the Madden game titles and Lord from the Rings game titles (Ea) has made the decision to buy BioWare/Pandemic. Ea really wants to open their checkbook and intentions of spending an believed $ 860 Million to purchase BioWare/Pandemic. This can be a brilliant online marketing strategy by Ea. They’ve been making fantastic decisions since 2005.

When Ea bought the exclusive legal rights towards the National football league, it avoided 2K Sports by using actual National football league players within their game. Consequently, Madden 2006 obliterated the sales associated with a 2K Sports game that year. Then, Ea did the outstanding Lord from the Rings games. Next, they delayed the discharge from the Crysis demo to avoid low sales because of Halo 3. Ea keeps making unbelievable decision after unbelievable decision. No-one can deny the success that Ea has already established with games like Madden, Quake Wars, and also the recently released The Orange Box.

The long run looks vibrant for Ea. They will be earning a lot money from games for example Army of Two, Hellgate: London, Spore, Crysis, Mercenaries 2, Rock-band, The Simpsons Game, and want for Speed ProStreet. More to the point, Ea will own the legal rights to MASS EFFECT!!! Exactly what does all of this mean for Ea? It’s too soon to infer the intentions of Ea, but there’s intense speculation the long awaited game Mass Effect won’t be an Xbox 360 Console exclusive. Mass Effect might be a multi console game and become ported to the Ps 3. The sport continues to be slated for any November 2007 release date around the Xbox 360 Console, but Ea hasn’t eliminated a Ps 3 iteration of Mass Effect.