How to Validate Emails and Improve Deliver ability

Improve email deliverability: validate customer email addresses

Email marketers’ job is to provide people with useful content. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of being able to send more emails, but that can result in a lack of focus on how your message is reaching its intended target. 

Validation is an important part of every email campaign. This process allows you to understand who opened your email and which specific actions they took, thus giving you insight into what caused them to open or not open your email. This enables you to improve your deliverability rates and make better decisions about future campaigns. In this blog post, we’ll teach you how validation works and the importance of validating emails.

How email validation works

Email validation is an important process that helps you understand how well your email campaign is reaching its intended audience. There are two types of email validation – conversion and connection.

Conversion validation helps you know whether or not your email has been opened and provides clarity on what the reader did with your email. 

Connection validation, on the other hand, looks at a variety of different factors to understand how open rates are affected by a variety of different things. This includes information such as the type of content in your emails, subject lines, and even whether or not they clicked on a call-to-action button within your email. It also considers their previous interactions with you as well as how they were referred to you.

Benefits of email validation 

Validating your emails can help you understand how well your email marketing campaign is performing.

It’s important to note that validation will not work for every campaign, as some campaigns are more difficult to track than others. However, there are many benefits of sending validated emails.

Those benefits include:

  • Understanding how your audience feels about your message: Validation helps you understand which parts of your message resonate with your audience and which they do not. 
  • Knowing who opened and read the email: Validating your emails helps you see who has opened or read it, giving you valuable insight into what caused them to take that action. This information will help you better craft future content that will be more likely to resonate with specific members of your audience, leading to increased open rates and engagement.

Tips on how to improve your email deliverability rates.

The email deliverability rate is the percentage of emails that are delivered to inboxes. The process of validating a campaign can help improve your deliverability rates.

When you send out an email, you want to make sure it’s reaching the intended audience. If people aren’t opening your email, then there’s a chance they’re skipping it without even reading it. When someone skips an email, their interaction with your brand is limited and that could ultimately result in them not doing business with you or following up later on.

To avoid this from happening, you need to validate your campaign. This process lets you know how many people opened and clicked through your email, which provides useful insights into what caused them to open or not open your email.