All you need to know about Dedicated Servers

With the technological advancements there has been a really deep impact on the lives of the individuals. There have changes on the smallest to the largest ingredient of human life. These technological advances have provided individuals to do tasks that they prefer doing and they are provides with platforms to showcase their intellect and knowledge. These technical advances have led to the growth of technological mindsets of the individual. 

For people who are interested to go for web hosting, the major requirement is that of a dedicated server. Dedicated server being a computer which is reserved for serving the needs of the network is big necessity. There is the need of a dedicated server with a dedicated IP and high speed, where the client leases an entire server not shared by anyone else. There are companies who provide the facility of rented servers. As the process of web hosting is quite costly. The rental requirements for the dedicated servers are quite high. Even with the high prices some of the companies don’t even provide the equivalent services for those prices. Such offers can’t be afforded by many. So, there is even presence of many companies that provide individuals with low cost facilities of cheap dedicated server 1 gbps. This provides individuals with the dedicated server with high speed. 

Mostly the dedicated servers have CPU of Intel Xenon having 8 cores and 16 threads. The unmetered bandwidth is of Gbps. the RAM is of 16 GB. The IPs provided is 1 and that is wholly dedicated to the server for that particular network. This was a basic type of a dedicated server package provided by a company. The other packages provided are like with RAM about 32GB, 64GB, with differing bandwidths and with even differing number of IPs provided. As the packages for cheap dedicated servers differ the prices for these packages differ as well. There are even disk options provided. There are even RAID storages provided to eliminate the risk of losing data.

For an individual who is looking for doing stuff in web hosting needs for a cheap dedicated server with good speed to make his work more effective and reliant.