Understanding 1911 Holster OWB

A Century of 1911 Holsters

The US army approved the model 1911 in 1911, thus the name. Up until 1985, the US military issued this pistol as a regular issue, making it a real classic. 1911 is a must-have for every gun collection since it is stylish, comfortable, and incredibly dependable.  Many militaries and governmental agencies across the world still use 1911 as their primary sidearm. Therefore, a sturdy 1911 holster owb would also be necessary. 

What you should know about a 1911 OWB holster is as follows:

Brief on Outside the Waistband Holster:

Type of carrying:

The 1911 owb holster comes in two varieties. Both open and closed carry is acceptable. When employing a sidearm at business or on the ranch, people typically wear an open carry, outside-the-waistband holster and prefer to have their shirt wedged in. 

These holsters provide excellent retention, rapid draws, and high carry comfort, all of which are crucial given how hefty a full-size 1911 handgun is. If one prefers a 1911 OWB holster with a low profile and sits higher on the belt, users can alternatively choose for closed carry. They can use this to covertly transport 1911 as well.


A person who carries a gun openly indicates that they are frequently required to use it, rather than merely keeping it hidden in case of an emergency. However, if one works in law enforcement or security, one must choose between keeping and visibility.

Type of 1911 Holster OWB:

Normal Comfortable 1911 OWB Holster:

This holster is perfect for 1911 OWB carry. When combined with the thumb break, the trigger guard is nearly entirely covered in leather, making carrying extremely safe. 

Additionally, it delivers a fantastic fit and retention due to the holster being formed on a 1911 replica. Furthermore, the pancake form of the holster offers it an extremely low profile even when worn outside the waistband, making it simple to hide.

1911 Belt Side Leather Holster:

This leather 1911 holster owb is perfect for 1911 open carry. It has a metal thumb break and covers the whole trigger barrel of the handgun, providing great retention and safety. 

An exact, glove-like fit is achieved by thermo-moulding the holster onto a 1911 replica. To speed up drawing and rebolstering, the holster creates an aperture where the trigger block normally would be.

1911 High Ride OWB Holster:

One of the greatest 1911 OWB holsters for concealed carry is the 1911 High Ride. Since the holster hangs high from the belt, a jacket or a button-up shirt might be used to conceal it. 

Additionally, the high ride aspect makes it the perfect holster for driving. This holster, such as the ones before, has a thumb release strap that makes 1911 extremely secure within the holster.

Open Top 1911 OWB Holster:

It retains a sleek look and makes 1911 simpler to hide. It makes the handgun rapid and simple to draw. A perfect balance is provided by the holster for the handgun on the belt. Additionally, it is quite robust.

In conclusion, the 1911 design is slim, but it is a powerful gun with a handle that typically sticks out quite a bit from 1911 OWB holsters. This restricts your wardrobe selections and is not recommended for carrying year-round.