Powerful and Fun Photo Editing Tools For Newbies

Are you a beginner in the world of photography and want to make your photographs look beautifully professional? Then do not hesitate to consult these photo editing tools for newbies.

To achieve this, you don’t really have to buy expensive software; you just have to go through some of the alternatives we have for you. We divide them into desktop software, online software, and mobile software (applications) so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs and tastes.

  • For Desktop

Picasa is Google’s well-known photo manager, but it’s more than that. Picasa is also a simple photo editor, super-intuitive for users with less experience, which will allow them to make necessary arrangements and add some interesting effects.

  • Online

If you don’t like to install anything at all and yours is to use online tools, then you should try Photolemur. It has a complete suite of image editors for all needs and any user. Whether you like to work online or prefer to do it from your mobile, Photolemur will allow you to create spectacular arrangements with your favorite photographs. To know more on this, visit https://photolemur.com/blog/best-photo-editing-software-for-beginners.

Another option is PicMonkey. This image editor is as powerful as it is beautiful. All its features are very simple to use, and, especially for newbies, it offers fantastic tutorials that you can follow to get stunning results.

  • For Mobile

At first glance, you would might that Paint.Net is the classic Windows Paint, it is not so. It has more of the appearance of a mini Photoshop and incorporates features such as tabs (to handle multiple images easily), thumbnails of tabs, layers, special effects, and unlimited change history, because of the mistakes.

For mobile devices, you can also download some light versions of Photoshop for free, such as Adobe Photoshop Express, which will allow you to have the basic features of this popular program.