Common Types of MiMT attacks

3 ways to mitigate man-in-the-middle attacks

Cyber-attacks are on the rise that creates lots of problem for any user especially businesses. Cyber-attacks today have become very advanced that makes it difficult for any user to get notified of these. Cyber-attacks steal valuable information and use it for their purpose. Such attacks are a common sight and many businesses have to bear suffered huge consequences because of these cyber-attacks. Various types of cyber-attacks can affect valuable data and there is a need to safeguard against these so that nothing major can happen. One of the most common types of attacks that hackers used to steal confidential information is the MiMT attack.

MiMT attack stands for Man-in-the-Middle attack and as the name suggests such an attack takes place when the attacker eavesdrop on the communication or exchange between the two parties. Under this attack the attack position itself between the communications of two hosts and thereby by listening to their conversation get access to the valuable and confidential data. The attackers might also impersonate themselves as one of the parties and thereby takes away the important information from the target. The confidential and valuable information obtained by such an attack can be used by the hacker for identity theft, password change and many more of which one might has to face huge consequences.

MiMT attacks can take place in different forms. From preventing the MiMT attack to happen, one must know about different types of these attacks. Some of the common types of MiMT attacks are mentioned below:

  • IP Spoofing: Any devices that are connected to the internet have an IP address. The IP address is nothing but a number assigned to one’s devices based on one’s location. This IP address is used by hackers to launch their MiMT attack as they spoof this address and thereby trick the user into believing that one is using the website they are supposed to use. As the user is under the wrong impression, attackers get access to the user’s valuable information.
  • Phishing Scams: In this type of MiMT attack, the attacker sends the mails to the target impersonated as a trusted source such as a bank, company management, etc. to get hold of the valuable information about the target. Once the user opens such emails and clicks on the link then the user is directed to a fake website asking about the valuable information and other credentials. As the website seems so genuine no user can notice any attack.
  • Router Spoofing: Many MiMT attacks take place through router spoofing. Under this MiMT attackers set up its WIFI hotspot and give it a name that is commonly used in that specific area thereby tricking various users to connect to it. Once the devices get connected over such WIFI the attackers can easily monitor the traffic and thereby get access to all their valuable and confidential information.

Hence these are the common types of MiMT attacks. MiMT attacks are hard to detect which makes them one of the most dangerous types of cyber-attack. It is thereby important one must use the help of an expert such as Appsealing to safeguard against the MiMT attacks.