Bankroll Management Strategies for Dragon Tiger Players

Inside the game of Dragon tiger (เสือมังกร), there are two bets that the player can make – the Tiger guess along with the Dragon wager. Even though the odds of succeeding are identical both for bets, the pay out is not really. The Tiger wager pays off out 1.5 to 1 even though the Dragon wager compensates out 1 to 1. So, which guess is definitely the better option?

The perfect solution, as with most things in gambling, is that it would depend. All depends on your desired goals being a gambler as well as on the precise situations from the game you happen to be enjoying. In the following paragraphs, we will talk over some things to consider when coming up with your choice and offer some gambling strategies that can help you optimize your income.

Playing in the Tiger

The first thing to think about is really what your ultimate goal is. Are you looking to earn huge or are you looking to grind out tiny income? If you are searching for a big earn, then playing about the Tiger is most likely the best option. The greater pay out signifies that you only need to win 33Percent of the wagers as a way to bust even. This provides you a bit more flexibility for burning off streaks. Of course, furthermore, it ensures that your bankroll will vary far more greatly so you may go broke if you get too unfortunate.

Should your goal is to grind out little earnings, then betting in the Dragon can be quite a better choice. The low payout means that you have to acquire 50Percent of your respective wagers to interrupt even. This offers you significantly less place for mistake but it additionally signifies that your bankroll will be more steady. You will be unlikely to look shattered but you are also less likely going to a big succeed.

Yet another factor to take into account is definitely the distinct scenarios in the activity you might be playing. In case the Tigers happen to be hitting more frequently than usual, then wagering about the Tiger generally is a good plan because it is due for a certain amount of modification. In the same way, in case the Dragons are already reaching more frequently than normal, then gambling in the Dragon can be quite a good idea because it is due for a bit of modification.

Naturally, no person can forecast exactly when these modifications can happen so there exists always threat engaged. A great way to minimize this risk would be to position small wagers or even wait around for a couple palms prior to making your choice. Using this method, you can get a feel for which side is striking more regularly and adjust your guess accordingly prior to endangering a lot of dollars.


To summarize, there is no easy answer as to which wager is preferable – it depends in your goals as being a gambler as well as on the precise conditions from the video game you happen to be playing. Nonetheless, by taking some time to think about these factors and taking advantage of clever betting techniques, you may improve your chances of coming out ahead no matter which bet you choose.