A Journey through the Pokemon Universe: North Carolina Shows

Are you a Pokemon fan? Do you live in North Carolina? Then you will be pleased to know that there are some fantastic NC pokemon show that you can attend. From collectible card games to live-action performances, there is something for everyone. In this ultimate guide, we will take you through some of the best Pokemon shows you can attend in North Carolina.

PokeTour: The Pokemon Live Tour

The PokeTour is a live-action performance that brings the world of Pokemon to life. The show consists of actors dressed up as popular characters from the show, including Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, and Team Rocket. The show also includes various Pokemon battles, stunning visuals, and catchy music. The PokeTour is a must-attend event for any hardcore Pokemon fan.

Pokemon Day: Collectible Card Game Tournaments

If you prefer collectible card games, then Pokemon Day is the event for you. Pokemon Day is held annually in Raleigh and offers a ton of fun activities related to Pokemon. One of the highlights of the event is the collectible card game tournaments. You can bring your deck and challenge other players to battle. There are different age brackets and skill levels, so everyone can participate.

Pokemon Go Fest: The Ultimate Pokemon Go Event

If you are a fan of Pokemon Go, then you won’t want to miss Pokemon Go Fest. This is the ultimate Pokemon Go event that takes place in North Carolina annually. The event includes a giant scavenger hunt and different activities related to the game. You will also get the chance to meet other players and participate in fun challenges.

Carolina Games Summit: Pokemon Video Game Tournament

The Carolina Games Summit is a gaming convention held annually in North Carolina. The event includes various tournaments and competitions, including a Pokemon Video Game Tournament. The tournament is open to all players regardless of skill level, and the winner gets to take home a prize. You can also participate in other Pokemon-related activities at the event.

Pokemon-A-Thon: A Charity Event for Pokemon Fans

Pokemon-A-Thon is held annually in Durham, North Carolina, and is a charity event for Pokemon fans. The event includes Pokemon-related activities, including collectible card game tournaments and video game tournaments. The event aims to raise money for charity and is an excellent opportunity for Pokemon fans to come together for a good cause.


North Carolina offers some fantastic Pokemon shows that any fan would love to attend. From live-action performances to collectible card game tournaments, there is something for everyone. The next time you find yourself in North Carolina, make sure to check out one of these fantastic Pokemon shows. You won’t be disappointed.