Battery Life Hack Exposed

Tired of changing your car or boat battery too soon? or sometimes buying another power tools because the battery died and won’t charge? Do your phone or laptop drain too fast after using for a year? Well these are the common problems with batteries but we don’t really care about.

Why most batteries are not meant to last?

The truth is quality batteries are expensive and hard to market. That’s why companies create cheaper and affordable batteries but will not last longer compared to high end expensive batteries.

So why do I need to recondition batteries?

Well simply because to save hundreds of dollars or even thousands if your running a transport business or if you’re maintaining a farm. Portable power is now a necessity and having batteries running at 100 percent capacity is definitely a time and money saver.

Battery shops buy old car batteries or give discounts when you buy new battery and exchange your old one, the main reason is, they know how to recondition batteries and sell it, easy money. Now, how about learning how to do this trick in your own garage and bring back most of your old batteries to 100 percent running condition?

How to recondition old batteries

Learning how to recondition old batteries back to 100% of their working condition is not really that hard. The Battery reconditioning method works for nearly all types of batteries (car, boat, phone, laptop, solar, forklift, golf cart, and a lot more).

Reconditioning batteries involves specific steps for each type of battery, so you must ensure that you have the right information and execution guide in order to avoid injuries. When dealing with Lead Acid Batteries, wearing safety goggles and glovesĀ is a must.

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